The Republican Party is holding their caucus and County Convention this weekend.
In the release they said:
What is happening Saturday?
Participate in the Republican Party
Precinct Caucus & County Convention
We need you!!
Saturday, April 6
Precinct Caucus 10 AM
(Usual voting place)
County Convention 3 PM
(Warren County Courthouse)
All Warren County Republicans are encouraged to participate. Bring your friends!! It’s time to get involved.
The Precinct Caucuses typically only take 5 to 10 minutes. They just elect delegates and alternates to the County Convention.
At the County Convention at 3 PM, we elect Delegates to the State Convention on May 11th in Jackson. The State Conventions then elects delegates to the National Republican Convention.
Also the County Convention elects a County Executive Committee to serve the next four years and likewise, the State Convention elects a state executive committee for four years.
At the National Convention, the Republican Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates are chosen.
That’s a top of the trees explanation!