Warren County Supervisors closer to Shell Beach Road solution


Warren County Supervisors took another step toward making repairs and providing a long-term solution to Shell Beach Road residents at Eagle Lake Monday morning.

County Engineer Keith O’Keefe sought and received permission to seek a Transportation Alternatives Program grant to fund putting traffic tables, a type of speed bump, on the roadway to slow traffic. O’Keefe explained that the tables would potentially be used as pedestrian crosswalks. The tables would be 10 to 14 feet in length and 8 to 10 inches high.

Shell Beach Road Erosion
Flood damage eroding Shell Beach Road at Eagle Lake (Photo by Thomas Parker)

Supervisors have the funds now to restore the road to its pre-2019 condition.

O’Keefe is working through processes with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to acquire additional funds in hopes of putting articulated concrete mats on the lake bank to mitigate future erosion.

Erosion is rampant on Shell Beach Road (Photo by Thomas Parker)

One group of homeowners had sought to have the road abandoned. A second group has presented supervisors with a petition to have the road repaired.

Board Attorney Blake Teller encouraged the board to pass the table resolution in hopes that the group seeking to abandon the roadway would see it as an act of good faith. Traffic speed was one of the group’s major concerns in opposing repair of the road.