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Warren County supervisors may extend COVID-19 resolution to May 18



Warren County Board of Supervisors. Left to right: Kelle Banks Barfield, District 5; Shawn Jackson, District 3; William H. Banks Jr., District 2; Edward Herring, District 1; Board President Jeffery P. Holland, District 4. (File photo by David Day)

The Warren County Board of Supervisors held its work session Tuesday morning using the “Go to Meeting” virtual platform.

The major focus of the meeting was a discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic and how to proceed.

In a meeting held last week among other elected county officials, there was a consensus that limitations were needed for individual offices and that masks needed to be worn both by the public and county workers regardless of whether the county courthouse re-opened to full access, reported Chancery Clerk Donna Hardy.

“We need to send a strong message that we are here to serve you,” Hardy said, “but we are here to do it as safe as possible.”

There was a great deal of discussion as to where Warren County stands with COVID-19 cases. As of Tuesday morning, the Mississippi State Department of Health reported 58 cases and 2 deaths in Warren County.

District 3 Supervisor Shawn Jackson questioned Warren County Emergency Management Director John Elfer as to how current needs are being fulfilled. Elfer reported that all requests for personal protective equipment and other items have been satisfied as of today. He also indicated that most of the county’s current cases are sheltering in place or self-quarantined in their homes, and that the caseload is at a manageable level for health-care providers.

Supervisors generally agreed to extending the current order through May 18. Supervisor Jackson was the most vocal in support of this option. The board’s current resolution is set to expire on Monday, May 4. An official decision will likely be made at that board meeting or in a specially called meeting before then.

Board President Dr. Jeff Holland said the May 18 timing would allow the case numbers to plateau. Holland referenced the situation at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station, which has had an outbreak with an unconfirmed number of cases.

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