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Warren County Whitetails Unlimited Banquet to be held on September 7



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Pictured are Melissa Reeves (back), Rayanna Seffens (left) and Natalie Cantin (right). (Photo courtesy of Melissa Reeves)

The Warren County Whitetails Unlimited (WTU) Banquet will be held on September 7, 2021 at 5 p.m. at the Levee Street Warehouse.

The WTU is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for programs that enhance the preservation of hunting for future generations. The Warren County Chapter is ran by Melissa Reeves.

Reeves is currently going into her sixth year as President and it’s been an interesting journey for her since taking over in 2016.

“I started this journey when I killed a buck in the Mississippi Delta in 2016,” Reeves said. “I was contacted by the Field Director for WTU Mississippi, Brian Kitrell. He asked if I would be interested in taking over the Warren County chapter. I was hesitant at first, as I had no clue what I may be getting into… After much research, I decided to jump aboard and try to make the Warren County chapter profitable. I knew that it would be a challenge, but I like a good challenge.”

During her first year over the Chapter, Reeves was challenged to figure out what organization to donate to due to the variety of choices.

“All I knew was, I wanted to help disabled kids and veterans hunt,” Reeves said. “While searching, I came upon a local organization (Hope Outdoors) that was both things I knew I wanted to help. Hope Outdoors was managed by Dorris and Randy Rippy, locals to Vicksburg, MS. This event was organized by them to make it possible for disabled kids and adults to hunt for a weekend here in Warren County! All paid for by donations from the public. I knew instantly that was what I wanted to do! I contacted Dorris and told her who I was and my new journey with WTU, and she jumped aboard and we had our first banquet and it was a success. I became a guide for Hope Outdoors. My first year with them was amazing. There is nothing like seeing the smiles on their faces when they get to harvest one of God’s beautiful creatures. I have guided every single year since, apart from 2020 as Covid put a damper on the hunt. Dorris and Randy decided to leave Hope Outdoors, and make their own organization.. It is now called, G6:2 Outdoors. Nothing has changed with the organization, except the name.”

The sponsors of WTU is what has helped the organization over the years and Reeves happily expressed how grateful she is for them.

“I do not know what we would do without our sponsors, she said. “They are consistent every single year. Each year I gain new ones and they all jump aboard WTU and support (Hope Outdoors) G6;2 Outdoors hunt 100%. Every year I double my net. This is becoming a big deal here in Warren County. I am so thankful for each and every sponsor/attendee and helpers I have had to make my banquets possible. I want you to know that your money goes to a wonderful cause. These kids/adults have the best time over the course of a weekend. I want to also thank Dorris and Randy or their hard work not only helping me with the banquet, but for organizing such a huge hunt. There is a lot that goes into the hunt.. from the decorations, food, setting up land owners to take the hunters, organizing hotels for them for the weekend, setting up guides for each hunter and much more. I really appreciate their hard work. I also want to thank my daughter, Natalie Cantin, she is my VP for WTU. She loves to help me in every way possible.”

Tickets for the banquet are on sale now. Individuals can contact Melissa Reeves 601-415-1081. Single tickets are $35, spouse tickets $25, child tickets $25 and a additional $5.00 for those who purchase tickets at the door.

Reeves is excited to keep this wonderful tradition going for many more years to come.

“I look forward to serving my wonderful community as your President for WTU events for years to come. I have no plans on leaving anytime soon. This roller coaster ride I have hopped on is only getting better with each year that passes. Thank you all for allowing me to serve our community and may God continue to bless you all and your family.”

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