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Fit Chef Kevin Roberts announced that episodes of Fit Chef TV are now releasing on EatThisTv on Youtube.

Roberts first announced in January he would be flying to New York to film a pilot for a new cooking show.

When asked about the new project, Roberts said, “I was contacted by Eat This TV, a cooking production show that streams on Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube and other internet based streaming services, to fly to New York City to produce a “pilot” cooking episode to pitch to the producers of the company. They will edit the segment then launch it on their platforms for a chance for viewers to watch and react. If the audience, as well as the producers, give great feedback and a high amount of views, they will contact me to discuss a possible series of multiple episodes. If the “pilot” is a dud, then I’ll at least get to say I had an opportunity to film a cooking show in New York City and carry on with life.”

The pilot (featured below) was shared by Roberts on his social media page the following month. He encouraged supporters and haters alike to watch.

“This was a great learning experience and will allow me a chance to observe mannerisms, nervous ticks and behaviors on camera so that I can work on things to improve. After all, practice makes perfect and that’s how you develop skills,” stated Roberts. “In order to grow, you have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and make yourself vulnerable.”

On Saturday evening, Roberts announced episodes from the cooking show were starting to be released and shared an episode with his audience (featured above).

Roberts did have one issue of note, “**Disclaimer… this was actually the very last episode that we shot, we were running over our time limit and was told I had 20 minutes to make this episode happen. So y’all don’t pay any attention to the non-melted cheese on the tacos🥴**


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