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Water outages abundant – boil your water



The weather isn’t done with us yet. The accumulation of ice and strain on infrastructure is becoming more apparent.  Among the top concerns is the water.  Many areas are experiencing water issues, be it low pressure or complete outages. Restoring the water will almost certainly come with a boiling order attached.

According to reports, Sarah Farrell – spokeswoman for the Eagle Lake Water District, stated they are currently waiting on Twin County and/or the Generator repairman.  Once power is restored it will take several hours to fill the water reserves.

They are also dealing with several leaks and have turned several water meters off to address these issues.

Cuklin Water District also announced its customers may be experiencing low to no pressure due to a leak in one of its main lines.

We would advise everyone to boil their water regardless if a boil order exists or not.  It is better to err on the side of caution considering that some damages may yet be unknown.

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