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We the Veterans launches “Vet the Vote”, aims to recruit veterans and military family members



vet the vote

We the Veterans has launched an ambitious campaign named “Vet the Vote.” This initiative aims to recruit poll workers from one of America’s most trusted and respected communities: veterans and military family members. By encouraging veterans to participate in poll working, the organization seeks to establish a lasting tradition of service within the veteran and military family community.

“While Americans may be divided on many issues, respect for those who have served is a near-universal sentiment. That status in society is a privilege to uphold and a responsibility to lead. After years of war, we envision a new, but equally important role for veterans and military families: strengthening our democracy and ensuring misinformation and polarization don’t continue to tear at the fabric of our union,” We the Veterans website states.

The organization believes that the veteran community’s history of service and the respect given to them make veterans ideal poll workers. To raise awareness about their campaign, We the Veterans formed the Vet the Vote coalition with approximately 30 organizations, including the NFL and the US Chamber of Commerce, to spread the word about the importance of poll working.

For more information, contact Ingrid Sundlee, Director of Civic Engagement at We the Veterans at To sign up or donate, visit the Vet the Vote website.

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