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‘Well … this is awkward.’ Chick-fil-A lays an egg



Chick-fil-A laid an egg when it sent out an email to its customers promoting National Sandwich Day.

Given that the fast-food chain sells chicken sandwiches, one would think the day would provide a great marketing opportunity.

There was only one little problem: National Sandwich Day falls on Sunday, Nov. 3, and Chick-fil-A stores are never open on Sundays.

“Well … this is awkward,” a second email started out. “We’re actually closed on National Sandwich Day.”

CNN reported that the company apologized for any confusion, writing that they’ll see their customers as usual – Monday through Saturday.

Rival Popeyes made a little fun out of the error on Twitter, while emphasizing their stores are open seven days a week.


Even before Chick-fil-A went public with its email faux pas, Popeyes announced its chicken sandwich would be coming back.

On National Sandwich Day.

On Nov. 3.

On Sunday, when Chick-fil-A is closed.

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