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Ames Straw Poll on Wikipedia.So much time is spent focused on Iowa because of the Iowa Caucus, which is commonly recognized as the first step in the presidential nomination process.  Candidates will also spend lots of time and money in New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida and South Carolina, which are (reportedly) the next in line before Super Tuesday.  Many of the primary dates are tentative as of this time, because some states are jockeying for position in making them more prominent in the election.  Mississippi’s primary date is set in stone.  The website of the Mississippi Secretary of State, Delbert Hosemann, lists the primary election date of March 13, 2012.We at have decided that we should conduct our own poll to find out where each candidate stands.  Vote for your favorite candidate by casting your ballot below.  This unscientific, online poll will remain active from now (August 13, 2011) until next Saturday night (August 20, 2011) at midnight.[poll id=”4″]]]]]> ]]>

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