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High winds causes county firefighters to respond to two outside fires



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County firefighters have been busy battling two outside fires that got out of control due to high wind gusts.

The first fire occurred around 11 a.m. on Tiffentown Road. According to reports, the fire was started as a controlled burn but quickly got out of control and spread to the wood line. High wind gusts made it difficult for firefighters to contain the blaze, but they were eventually able to bring it under control.

The second fire occurred on Oak Ridge Road and was also caused by a controlled burn that got out of control due to the strong winds. The fire quickly spread beyond the intended area and posed a significant risk to nearby homes and businesses. County firefighters were once again called to the scene and were able to contain the fire.

Despite the successful outcome of both incidents, county firefighters are urging residents to exercise caution when burning outside during periods of high wind gusts. The risk of fires getting out of control is significantly higher when winds are blowing hard, and even the most well-intentioned controlled burn can quickly turn into a dangerous situation.

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