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Yazoo City football player at center of controversy mans up, “We was losing pretty bad”



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In a 36-second video, Cordero McBride, #2 for Yazoo, briefly talks about the play that led to the game against Vicksburg being called in the 3rd quarter.

His mother, Cristy Stiff, wrote a post on social media, “On behalf of my son, me as a mother felt it was needed cause so many people judge and don’t know how disciplined I raised my children.”

Stiff went on to explain to her son that he can do good all the time but one mistake like the one on Friday night can change your life. She boasted that her son’s effort in the game is obvious and that he plays his heart out, not just for him but for his team. She goes on to say that her son gets good grades and stays out of trouble. She said she talked with her son about the situation and the impact for 4 hours and knows he will get it right and make it right.

He did.

McBride posted a mea culpa taking responsibility for his actions saying, “I would like to apologize for what happened in Vicksburg last night. It was not meant to, uh, go that way.”

What happened was a facemask by a Yazoo player led to a shove from #13 with Vicksburg, Demarcus Johnson. McBride, defending his teammate, instinctively pushed Johnson back. Other players jumped in at first but players from both sidelines quickly ran to break up the fight.

“My emotions got the better of me, we was losing pretty bad,” said McBride. He then says, “I will work on myself and it won’t happen again.”

The game was called after the 10-second brawl that blew up on social media with wild claims including shots fired.

As people were leaving the field, an individual got into a confrontation with a Vicksburg Police Officer who deployed their taser on the individual. That person was arrested and taken to jail. Another scuffle occurred a few minutes later in a different area.

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