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You CAVE people need to stop it



cave people
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I was introduced to a new acronym a few weeks ago and it is sticking with me. Especially today as the news was announced the VWSD has improved our state rating from a “D” district to a “B” district.

This is a huge deal for the community and for community development. Every person looking to move to our city will look at the school district’s rating as a marker. We’ve all heard countless times about the people who chose to live in Clinton or Madison while working in Vicksburg because of the schools. Today that was removed from the table as a concern and the number of kudos to be distributed is massive.

From an economic development standpoint, we are now a much more attractive community for investment.

Crime numbers are static, with a large reduction in violent crime and murders. No matter how many police or arrests are made, crime is still going to happen. It is a part of the human condition that goes back to Cain and Able.

Even with this good news flowing through our community about reductions in crime and improvements in the schools, there are people who will find fault.

When the reduced crime numbers were announced people went out of their way to make negative comments every time we posted a crime story. “But this isn’t possible, crime is down!” was the one that sticks with me. As if there will never be another crime if there is a reduction in crime.

Today, we get the news that our schools are excelling and people are already disparaging the results. “That brown bag paper sack just made another round underneath the table.”

It is hard to not notice it is the same people casting hatred in all their posts. It makes you wonder why they are so sad and see bad in everything. Some seem to be posturing for votes, some for clout and some for some other reason. All of them fall into the same category, they are citizens against virtually everything. And that is the new phrase for the day, the acronym is “C.A.V.E.” people. CAVE stands for Citizens Against Virtually Everything.

CAVE people, please stop, go on a date, read a book, get a dog. Whatever you need to stop being the negative person that has plagued our community since the 1800s. Just stop it.


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