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Young given $50k bond by Judge Carpenter in gun/knife fight



Jeffrey Young has been charged with aggravated assault (courtesy of VPD)

Jeffery Young, 55, was involved in an altercation with Alex Peacock, 34, at 3119 Washington Street on Thursday, April 15.

According to Tracie Young, Jeffery’s wife, in a phone call to the Vicksburg Daily News, she claims her husband was there working on the property when the issue with Mr. Peacock began. She and her son were delivering materials to the property and upon arrival noticed Mr. Peacock acting erratically. She claims they had given Peacock permission to stay on the property while effecting repairs to the plumbing of the home. Additionally, they had given him money to repair plumbing at the property and he had not done so.

They asked Peacock to leave but he did not and, according to Young, became combative. Peacock then, according to Young, attacked them and her husband acted to defend his wife and himself. In the process, Mr. Young was cut on the hand by a tool of some sort and in self-defense shot Peacock in the knee, dropping him to the ground and ending the attack, according to Peacock.

The injury to Young’s hand was treated at the scene and he was transported to the Vicksburg Police Department without further medical care.

VPD officers and paramedics with the VFD assist Jeffery Young. Photo by David Day

This morning, in a call with the Vicksburg Daily News, Mrs. Young stated they did not give Peacock permission to stay at the property but he had access to the property and could come and go as he saw fit. Peacock was treated and released from the hospital and then returned to the property at 3119 Washington where he is, according to Mrs. Young, still residing.

Yesterday, after an investigation at the scene that included Vicksburg Police Chief Milton Moore, Jeffery Young was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

This morning Young went before Judge Angela Carpenter and was given a $50,000 dollar bond, charged with aggravated assault and bound over to the grand jury.

Tracie Young stated to the Vicksburg Daily news she filed assault charges on Peacock this morning.

Tax records indicate the home at 3119 Washington Street is owned by Richie Walter Lewis III on behalf of Call On Heaven Ministries based in Pensacola, Florida. Tracie Young stated they know him as Walter Richie and manage the property for him. In addition, the Young’s have their own online ministry called the Whirlwind Worship Center.

Attempts to contact Alex Peacock have been unsuccessful.

Jeffery Young sits on the porch at 3119 Washington. Photo by David Day

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