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Your cell phone will soon be able to save lives in Warren County



Wanda Thomas and Shane Garrard explain the new technology. (Photo by David Day)

The E-911 Commission met this morning and, among other business, approved the implementation of new technology that will save lives with your help.

Now when you call 911 there will be an option for you to approve the use of your phone’s camera to better inform the 911 callers what is happening. The new technology is, according to E-911 Director Shane Garrard “I hate to use Mayor Flagg’s term, but it is a game-changer.”

The 911EYE system allows top-level first responders and supervisors to see exactly what is happening and they can then use that information to direct resources and equipment. Many calls to 911 are automobile accidents or fires. With the EYE system the person who witnesses the accident or fire – maybe even you – will be able to show exactly what is happening to the supervisors in charge of assisting.

At a cost of $7200 a year after initial installation, the Commission decided in a unanimous vote to go forward with installing and implementing the upgrade.

If you witness something and call 911 you will have to approve the app to be used from your phone and once you end the call the option ends.

This video below shows the process, the audio has been muted:

It is expected the Warren County Board of Supervisors will approve this technology and the allocation of funds when it comes before the board at the next meeting.

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