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Your Daily Devotional – December 21, 2011




Amid the hustle and bustle of this season, Christians around the world are reminded of that starry night over 2000 years ago when our Savior, the KING of kings was born. God’s WORD says that it was such a glorious and majestic time, that all of heaven rejoiced over the birth of Christ Jesus. Opposing the thoughts of a ‘Silent Night’, we read of the angelic choir that announced the greatest gift that God gave to mankind. In a stable, a manger held a baby wrapped in soft linen, gazed upon by loving parents, shepherds and wise men from countries far off. Should we today be no more Joyous over this splendid Gift of LIFE given by our Father in heaven. A Son who choose to leave HIS place of honor, be born as a man and become that offering that our takes away our sins. On that night, Forgiveness took on a much different appearance. A child that would grow to become Lord and Master of those who would bow and Worship HIM. Deny themselves and the pleasures of this world, to be clothed in Righteousness and become pleasing to their Creator. No, everything BUT a Silent Night, where in the midst of darkness Believers shine as the Light that draws men and women to that place of Reconciliation and Restoration. Newness of LIFE, born of Holy Spirit, to walk as ‘Consecrated ones’ proclaiming the Lord and HIS Grace and Mercy around the world. O’Lord, my heart rejoices at the sound of YOUR Name. All my failures and fears destroyed by YOUR Love. Stir my heart that I be that beacon of Light that shines in the night. May YOUR Spirit guide me as I declare YOUR Majesty and Truth. Surround me with those angels that once sang in harmonious Praise. As I shout loudly that ‘a Savior has come’ to those whose hearts long for HIS Peace. Glory and Honor to YOU, to the Praise of YOUR Holy name.. AMEN    ]]]]> ]]>

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