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Your Daily Devotional – January 16, 2012




It is in the Book of Hebrews, that we read of the lives of so many who lived by Faith, relying upon God for everything. This gives us but a glimpse into the practicality of living each of my days guided by God’s Spirit. Growing to that place in our Faith, not from our own efforts or strength, by that of being strengthened daily by HIS Spirit, and then excersizing our Faith by acknowledging that God is Eternally Faithful to accomplish both HIS Purpose and Will as outlined by HIS Promise. The boundless Grace and Mercies of God, offer us assurance that whatever HE says, HE WILL DO. As we learn more of walking completely by Faith in Christ, there is nothing that is impossible for God to accomplish through us, only if we submit to HIM and allow the fruit of HIS Spirit to manifest in our life. Those 1st century Believers, lived each day as witnesses of the mission and purpose for which they were called of God to accomplish. It was their confession, and ours as well today, which bears testimony to God’s Faithfullness, supplying provision where there has been lack, direction for the dispensation of abundance and a true heart rending passion to see others brought into the Kingdom. Remaining Faithful in Declaring the Gospel of Christ brings Glory and Honor to God, and by seizing and taking firm hold of every Promise of God, HE is able to manifest HIS Power, accomplishing in and through us those things which HE has determined to do. Believing every WORD HE says, our life is then to be a more of a reflection of HIS Faithfullness, where our desire becomes completely aligned with HIS Will. O’Lord, the depth of YOUR Love is unmeasureable, and YOUR Glory which surrounds me is immense. My Faith in YOU is far more than Provision and Prosperity, it is YOUR Power which strengthens and delivers me each day. To be YOUR witness of TRUTH and Life, because YOUR Grace and Mercy abounds giving me HOPE to continue pressing onward. YOU are my Provider and my Strength, a Refuge for my soul. Amen    ]]]]> ]]>

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