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Your Daily Devotional – November 25, 2011




Each day as Believers in Christ, we must be Obedient to ask the LORD for forgiveness for ourselves, yet we may find it a hard thing to forgive others who have mistreated or persecuted us. Paul realized this early in his ministry, having confessed and repented of his earlier persecution of Believers before he was converted, and wrote these Inspired WORDs as a guide for us. Truly believing that God has forgiven us of our sin and has restored us in fellowship with HIM, we are commanded as well to forgive others thereby being Obedient to HIS desire that we reconcile our fellowship with one another. Failing or refusing to forgive others, as Paul stated, both inhibits our claim to God’s precious promise of Forgiveness and nullifies our testimony of Obedience to God’s Eternal WORD. We are greatly blessed by being Obedient to forgive others, and truly become the ambassadors who represent God’s love to them, binding our relationship with the Unity that HE desires. Moreover, we are marked by HIS Spirit with a heart filled with an Overflow of LOVE, boundless and free. None of this is possible unless we are spiritually clothed with God’s Spirit. Completely regenerated in our hearts by the transforming POWER that resurrected Christ Jesus. Others will know that we belong to HIM, by our having this same Love which Paul speaks of, for we now are a reflection of HIS Love for them throughout the earth. O’LORD, I seek to know more of YOU and YOUR Great Love, less of me that I be pleasing and acceptable to YOU. Overflowing with compassion to those who suffer deeply, for YOU have forgiven me of much, I must strive also to follow YOUR example and in LOVE forgive others. Manifest YOUR POWER and Purify me as an ambassador, as each day I endure whatever comes. Bind my heart to YOU by YOUR Spirit of Grace, that I will boldly share YOUR Gospel of Grace with others For YOU alone are my Redeemer and Rock, merciful and tender are YOUR Ways, Hallelujah and Amen]]]]> ]]>

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