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Your Daily Devotional – November 30, 2011




It was Paul and other 1st century believers who Obediently Proclaimed the Good News of Jesus as Christ the Messiah, to the Gentile nations, doing so because they recognized and fulfilled their duty as appointed to them by God’s Holy Spirit. Today, we are challenged by this same call upon our lives as Believers in the last days. As it remains each individual’s responsibility to respond personally to God’s call, by choosing to accept that call of proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to every nation, tribe and tongue. Every Believer  must surrender themselves completely and be submission of will to the leadership and guidance of HIS Spirit. Various gifts of service are appointed to Believers in God’s Kingdom, but it is the core and root of my own Faith to be a witness of Christ that brings about the other aspects of a servant’s duties, but not the other way around. God’s desire is for fellowship with HIS children, having separated themselves from the world. HIS Work being done through Believers by Holy Spirit, giving us strength, courage and power to advance the Kingdom of God. Christ Jesus is the foundation, The Cornerstone, and The Rock upon whom God set into place as the Head of HIS church, and I must forever remember the sacrifice HE made to bring the Gospel message from heaven to earth. My heart’s desire then must always be in alignment and in submission to the complete and sanctified counsel of Holy Spirit, which is pleasing to God rather than to man. O’LORD, I Exalt and Lift High YOUR Holy Name, with my voice as YOUR Willing Servant. My Passion is for souls to be brought into YOUR Kingdom, my deepest and most humble desire forever. There is no other Name in heaven above, or in the earth below, that brings Peace and Joy to hearts transformed by YOUR Spirit. With Gladness I answer YOUR call upon my heart, where by YOUR Spirit my lips will speak of YOUR Great Love. In the Wonderful and Majestic Name of Jesus, Amen]]]]> ]]>

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