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Your Daily Devotional – October 27, 2011




As Believers in Christ, we must always remember that before we were Reconciled to our Father God through Christ Jesus, we were considered as HIS ENEMY. Enemies of both Truth and the very Cross upon which Christ paid the ransom for our souls, with HIS Life. Being an ENEMY of God is truly a difficult WORD for anyone to comprehend, much less accept when describing themself. Yet, it was the Cross and an empty grave that changed that over 2000 years ago. God’s WORD tells us that Christ LOVEs us so much, that while we were STILL an ENEMY of HIS Father, HE Lovingly and Sacrificially died for us, SO THAT WE COULD LIVE! Without knowing Christ and the Truth of HIS death and Resurrection, none can be saved from the Wrath of a Holy and Righteous God. It is by HIS Grace that we are saved, and by HIS Mercy are we able to Rejoice and have fellowship with our Father and HIS Son. God LOVES HIS Creation and HIS Will is that ALL mankind Joyfully receive this Reconciliation and Redemption with Thanksgiving and Praise, which is offered through HIS Son, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! O’Lord, guide my heart as I desire to know YOUR Thoughts and Ways. YOUR Spirit has transformed me from an enemy to a son, an heir and joint-heir with Christ. Grant me both boldness and courage to speak YOUR WORDs of Life to those whose ears have not heard the Good News. Prepare their hearts to receive the Greatest Gift that brings Comfort and Peace to their weary soul. May YOU be Exalted and Praised forever and ever! Amen ]]]]> ]]>

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