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Your Daily Dose of Dave – June 24, 2011




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Shooting the Sacred Cows

Forget “because we’ve always done it that way”

Sometimes we get so caught up in processes and traditions that we don’t even consider why we use them in the first place. That’s just stupid.Around Dave Ramsey’s office, we have a saying: “Shoot the sacred cows.”You are probably familiar with this principle. But, if not, the idea is simply this: Don’t hold on to tradition for the sake of tradition. If something isn’t working, change it. If something is broken, fix it.Obey the principles, not the processes.Dave guides his organization with unflinching principles. But he won’t hesitate to change a process and shake things up if this helps equip the company to more effectively carry out these principles.Your business is your baby, and if you’re not careful, you can get caught up in doing things a certain way “because that’s how they’ve always been done.” That’s a shame.Of course, there’s nothing wrong with traditions or processes. But we’ve got issues when we begin prioritizing the processes more than the principles that created those processes in the first place. Effective leaders know how to separate the meaningful from the madness.So what’s your story? Have you been using the same faulty budget for years? Still using credit cards simply because you’ve always used credit cards? Did you take out a 30-year loan because that’s just what you’re “supposed” to do? Think about your decisions—whether with money or anything else! Do they make sense?Figure out where the sacred cows are in your life and your business, and take them out. Get rid of them for good!Learn about Dave’s program, EntreLeadership, just for business leaders like you.]]]]> ]]>

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