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We dont’ need more politicians at city hall



city hall
Those who waste your money want to make it Christmas for themselves every day
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Here we go again.

Those who want to have more politicians in city hall and pay more of our tax dollars to their well-connected friends have started the public process of trying to win you over.

If you have to be told that more politicians and a larger payroll for them and their staff are a bad idea it is because you are one of the people who will financially benefit from that money.

Shame on you.

The whole idea is to add more aldermen/councilmen for whatever reason. Regardless of the many spurious reasons they create for this to be magically beneficial, the bottom line is your government will become larger and more expensive.

That’s it, that’s all there is to this one, people who are used to taking your tax dollars and directing them to themselves and their friends want to make your city government larger. Don’t fall for it.

But please do note who is all for it and who is putting a bunch of effort into it. They don’t have your best interest at heart, they are trying to win favors. Shame on them too.

Hey, do this – if someone says they think it is a good idea ask them how much they will be making from it. And don’t worry about hurting their feelings, they gave up their soul a long time ago.


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