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50,000 followers and a reach of 1.6 million, thank you for supporting the Vicksburg Daily News



The numbers

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On Friday night, just about midnight, the Vicksburg Daily News surpassed the 50,000 followers mark on our Facebook page.

Over the prior 28 days, 883 more people chose to follow us and our news reached 1.6 million people. During that time we published 430 stories, lives or reels, about double what anyone else even attempts to do. We have a passion for our community and want to keep you informed. These are just Facebook numbers and don’t include our other social media accounts or internet numbers.

The numbers

The numbers

What we do

We hold elected politicians accountable and consider that a key part of our duty as the Fourth Estate*. The news we provide is what happened, it isn’t a corporate view and it isn’t a mouthpiece for elected officials.

Over this same period of time, we have told the story of local businesses that feel the city is bullying them. We’ve reported on a young man accused of murder who was set free after an intense jury trial. We’ve reported on another young family that was smeared in the press and through sheer grit was able to escape a massive police manhunt. We’ve told the story of Peter Qualls who is now serving a life sentence for defending his life. We’ve gone full force after county supervisors for publicly naming employees as they terminate them. We’ve held Mayor Flaggs and Alderman Monsour to account for crime and city operations.

While other media outlets nationwide are dying, we are thriving. We think it is because we do our job and don’t play along with the elected and powerful just to get some of their money. Hey, we will take their money, but they give it knowing they get ad space and nothing else in return but the facts as we understand them. We’ve had a couple of “groups” stop doing business with us because we reported news they didn’t want to be reported. Bless their hearts.

We report the news and we work for you and we will continue to do so.

Thank you once again for your massive support and willingness to support Vicksburg’s only locally-owned news source.



If you own a business and want to advertise on the Vicksburg Daily News you can call David Day at 601-631-1572 or Sheila Mantz at 601-218-2030. If someone wants you to buy and ad from them, ask them to show you the numbers.


  • –  While the Constitution established the executive, legislative and judicial branches, the phrase “Fourth Estate” reflects the unofficial but widely accepted role the news media play in providing citizens with information they can use to check government power.
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