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“Better call Marcus!” Local man turns his wild idea into successful mobile oil change business



Marcus Robinson
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M&K Mobile Oil, a new business started by local Marcus Robinson, has been thriving since he started it up a year ago.

Robinson had many years of experience working in the automotive maintenance world. Straight out of high school, he began working in the auto center at Wal-Mart.

“I did 10 years there, changing oil,” said Robinson.

After Wal-Mart, Robinson got a job working at Cannon Toyota, and since then worked at Cannon Honda, Vicksburg Ford and George Carr.

“Then I went back to Cannon Toyota and got in the management of it to learn the process of being over the oil change guys and learning the maintenance of it. ”

Along the way, Robinson noticed the great inconvenience faced by many customers needing an oil change, and began to visualize a new kind of service model.

“About three years ago I was sitting around thinking how everything is about convenience; everybody wants convenience. Prices started going up on everything and I just started thinking, I never heard of a mobile oil change. Everybody always says, ‘How long’s it gonna be; I’m on my lunch break. I don’t have the time,” A mobile oil service would change all that.

Robinson first went to his wife with the idea who showed immediate support.

“She was like, ‘I think you should try it. Everybody in this city deals with you.’ so then I was like, ‘you know what I’mma just throw it out there and see.’”

With this idea in mind, Robinson began slowly but surely collecting the tools and products he would need for this venture.

“I started buying stuff, oil change stickers with my name on it, multi point sheets with my name,”  said Robinson. He continued collecting little by little stocking up on brake fluid, power steering, coolant, new tools, an air compressor, generator, etc.

But although he had begun preparing to begin his journey, Robinson was hesitant to make his first full step.

“I wouldn’t do it. I said I need an enclosed trailer. My wife said, ‘No you don’t; Just start. Get the first customer first.’ But I wouldn’t do it. I just kept going to work, but then the money started going down”

Then one day an opportunity presented itself that Robinson couldn’t refuse, his first shot at proving the viability of his business plan.

“Then I got a phone call one day, January 12th, ‘Marcus you start your mobile oil change?’ I said no. They said, ‘Well I’m going out of town; you need to come do my car.’ I said, man I gotta try this. It was either make some money or don’t make no money. I was making $286 dollars for a whole family and it was like, start the business and go all the way in or you’re gonna go broke.”

Robinson called his wife before making the final decision. “I said I ain’t ready. She said, ‘Marcus, you need to get ready; this could be your day.’”

“I finally said, ‘I need the money. I got to go. I loaded everything up on that truck and that trailer and went out there. Soon as I got out there I pulled up to the side, got all my mats down and everything and I went in. Oil change, had all the oil, had the filters, washing fluid, brake fluid, everything that I needed. A lady came out and said, ‘What are you doing with this car?’ I told her and she was like, ‘Are you available sometime today because I need mine done.’

And I took pictures, I always do that I take pictures of everything about the car so you know. oil being drained. Filter. every step of it. Every car. to this day I still do that.”

From there, word got around fast that Marcus at M&K Mobile Oil Change was the man to call for quick, affordable, and convenient on-site car maintenance.

“I posted it on Snapchat and had 6 calls my first day. I still had to work at the dealership, but I went to work with my head high, and I kept getting calls. My first month I did 50 calls off of word of mouth, so I felt like I was on to something. I just had to let it go. I ain’t had to look back since. It went from getting contracts to going to Alcorn, Port Gibson, Jackson, Tallulah wherever they called from. Everyday I’ve been at it. Consistent. I haven’t missed a day. Even when it’s raining I’m still out there.”

Beyond oil changes, Robinson expanded his services to include things such as tire rotations, flat repairs, fluid refills, battery testing, tire pressure checks, and multipoint inspections.

With a slogan of “Why wait in line? I come to you,” Robinson strives to show the most respect to his customers and their time. “When you carry yourself with respect and you do a consistent job people are gonna recommend you… make your prices affordable; then they wanna come back.”

When asked what other advice he would give to those looking to start their own businesses, Robinson stated,

“Believe in yourself… think on if you were to actually be the customer instead of the business person. You’d want to be treated right. You’d want fair prices. You’d want to feel comfortable, so now as the business owner you want the customers to feel good,” 

Robinson continued, “Just go in. Be consistent all the time. Believe in yourself. Always give it 100 percent everyday and stand behind your name. Stand behind your word.”

Robinson can be reached by phone at 601-831-3380 or by email at

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