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Mississippi pastor safe in Israel amid conflict



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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
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In the midst of Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas, a Mississippi pastor currently in the country is reported safe, WLBT reports.

Michael Page, the interim pastor from Olde Town Community Church in Ridgeland, is currently taking shelter in Israel. Marty Parks of the same church confirmed the safety of Pastor Page, stating, “Marty Parks, the worship pastor – he is safe. He is in Jerusalem; he’s hunkered down in a shelter.”

Page made it to Israel and shortly thereafter, conflict erupted. Recalling the startling events, Pastor Page remarked, “Concerned, disappointed, disappointed, and really kind of shocked,” adding, “We know that many innocent lives on both sides from the Palestinians, as well as the Hebrew side, there will be a lot of losses, so I’m emotionally concerned.”

Beyond Pastor Parks, Page expressed concerns for another acquaintance, his college roommate. He mentioned, “My college roommate also is in a shelter, I think he lives outside of Jerusalem.”

Initially, Pastor Page, along with 28 others, had plans to journey to the Middle East by the end of the month. This trip, aimed at both spiritual and historical enrichment, has been canceled. He elaborated on the intention behind the trip, saying, “I was taking the 28 people not just for a history lesson just to learn about the country which we would, but I want it to be a spiritual growth time… If you’ve been to Israel, you come back differently, and you’re changed, you’re transformed by visiting the various places where our Christ spent his three years of ministry.”

Despite the grim circumstances, Page remains grounded in his faith. He expressed, “As a believer, I think it’s easy to maintain our faith because we know the outcome… Our faith has to be stronger than it’s ever been.”

The spiritual leader is optimistic about revisiting his plans and is eyeing a trip in January.

To pay respect to the numerous lives lost in the conflict, Governor Tate Reeves has decreed that flags on public buildings and grounds will be flown at half-staff until the sunset of Tuesday, Oct. 10.

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