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Tallulah man rescued from burning home by good samaritan



gibson road fire
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In the early hours of Sunday, Oct. 22, flames engulfed a home on the 1400 block of Florida Street in Tallulah. As the blaze intensified, a passerby, recognizing the danger, courageously intervened to assist the resident trapped inside, according to a report by KTVE.

Jessie Kyle, a local to Tallulah, was abruptly awakened by the alarming sound of the fire. Racing outside, he discovered that the resident, whose identity remains undisclosed, had been pulled from the blazing structure with the help of an alert passerby.

Kyle expressed his relief, stating, “By the time I got out, the fire truck was out here. And they were in the process of trying to put the fire out. And after I found out that he was out of the house, it gave me a sign of relief knowing that he was not in that burning house.”

Subsequent investigations traced the fire’s origin to the kitchen, where it’s believed the stove ignited while the resident was cooking.

Both the victim and the good samaritan were transported to a local hospital for medical evaluation. The Tallulah Fire Department’s prompt response ensured that the fire was contained, and no neighboring houses were affected.

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