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Flaggs Apologizes to Kings community for surprise water shut-off



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This Monday at the Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting, Mayor George Flaggs Jr opened by apologizing to the community of Kings for their having their water suddenly shut off without notice.

“I want to apologize to the citizens of Kings,” said Flaggs, “The water went off, and I was in Atlanta and got some phone calls about people coming home that didn’t know their water had been turned off.”

According to Flaggs the situation was deemed necessary because of a large leak.

“What happened is that they identified a leak that ended up being bigger than they thought it would be and it took more time.”

According to Flaggs, the situation was discussed with Dane Lovell in charge of the city Water Mains.

“He recognized that he should have notified the persons by text or whatever,”said Flaggs, “so we want to apologize to them because, I’ve always says there’s one Vicksburg, not two vicksburg, so I don’t want them to think they’re left out. But if the future I’ve told Dane that he needs to work with whoever’s in charge of notifying those persons”

According to Flaggs the situation was resolved later that night wihtout further incident. “I think it wasback on about 10 oclock that night, and it went well through the weekend, so we’re good with that.”

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