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Local teen went viral after getting all his friends summer jobs



L-R Fabian Moore, Corderrion Valentine, Shakayla Dixon, Devin Banks, and Felton Moore
L-R Fabian Moore, Corderrion Valentine, Shakayla Dixon, Devin Banks, and Felton Moore

Local Vicksburg teenagers decided to not spend their summer in bed or on the beach. Instead, Fabian Moore, Corderrion Valentine, Devin Banks, and Felton Moore jumped into the workforce where they all went out and got jobs at Burger King in Clinton, Mississippi.

One day Valentine’s mom, Shakayla Dixon, who is a manager at Burger King, asked her son if he wanted to come to work with her. He reluctantly accepted the task but Corderrion also had the idea of bringing his friends/basketball teammates along so they would all make some extra money.

“We wanted money for ourselves so we wouldn’t have to always ask our parents” Valentine said. “I felt like it would be fun working with my friends and not ask my mom and dad for everything,” 15-year-old Banks added.

These teens work around six hours a day and 4-5 days a week where they are learning early at a young age that nothing is free in this world. 

“I plan on buying myself some new shoes and anything that I need because I understand that it’s important to have your own,” 15-year-old Fabian said. “I’m going to use my money for school clothes and save up for college” 17-year-old Felton added.

With lots of violence that occurs involving young people, these guys decided that it was more important to make money instead of causing havoc in the community.

“We could be out here shooting and being violent but we chose to work,” Corderrion preached. I hope this motivates young people around the world to stay out of trouble.”

These teenagers received plenty of attention once Dixon made the post on Facebook which got over 5,000 shares and 10,000 likes.

Just a short time later, comedian and television host Nick Cannon shared the kids’ story on Instagram which received nearly 100,000 likes.

With all the negative news going around, it’s exciting to see young people choosing the right path and bettering their future. All four teenagers are also basketball players at Vicksburg High School.

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