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Woman found guilty in the death of her 3-year-old child in Vicksburg



Brooke Mallet being taken away by Deputy Hannah Davis: Photo by Keith Phillips

After a week-long trial in Warren County, Brooke Mallett was found guilty of Culpable Negligence Manslaughter, along with two counts of child neglect. It took the jury five hours to convict Mallett on all counts.

Mallett was charged in 2023 when her 3-year-old son was found drowned in a pond across from her trailer after he wondered across Highway 27, through a field and into the pond. Her 5-year-old son also wandered to another neighborhood and was in need of medical care due to malnutrition and abuse.

Early in the trial, Deputy Dustin Keyes, Bobby Rufus, Executive Director of 911, Coroner Doug Huskey, Deputy Kinard and Sheriff Martin Pace all took the witness stand.

Deputy Kinard

That Day

Sheriff Martin Pace

DM, went into the custody of CPS while WCSO continued their search for his brother. Pace’s search included a nearby pond where he testified that he saw a basketball floating in the water. Seconds later he spotted the lifeless body of KM floating on his back. The Sheriff then jumped in the water and retrieved the 3-year-old. The Sheriff attempted CPR to no avail.

A representative from CPS testified on Tuesday about the condition of the five-year-old. After DM was in CPS custody, it was determined that he had bite marks on him, a diaper filled with feces, raw skin, no shoes, and a cut underneath his eye. They decided to take him to the emergency room.

At the ER, DM was examined by Dr. Vanessa Perniciaro, who also testified during the trial. Dr. Perniciaro shared that DM was unable to urinate and was severely dehydrated. She also stated that he had an old bruise on his back as well as multiple cavities and multiple teeth missing. DM wore a urine bag for over seven hours before the decision was made to have him sent to Batson’s Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Gomez, of UMMC, testified as well and mentioned that DM had bruises on his buttocks and tested positive for methamphetamines and amphetamines.

Investigator Rollinson also gave a deeper insight into the living conditions of both KM and DM. She testified that when she arrived at the home, there were meth pipes in the bed, no electricity, no running water, feces in the bathtub and kitchen, and DM was covered in bug bites. She also mentioned that both kids tested positive for meth.

Rollinson also shared that as the investigation went on, it was discovered that CPS had a previous case with Brooke after one of her children were found walking alone on High 27 in Copiah County.

Investigator Zack Primeaux testified that he was on the scene as well where he observed Brooke not being too concerned about the well-being of her children. He also saw meth at the residence and had to secure a handgun which was beside the bed where the kids could easily access it.

Zack Primeaux

During closing arguments, Assistant District
Attorney Michael Warren pointed out that
Brooke never took care of her children and
that she cared more about smoking meth.
District Attorney Ricky Smith urged the jury
to think about KM and DM when they make
their decision. He also that Brooke’s love of
methamphetamine caused the death of her

After the verdict was read, Judge James Chaney set the sentencing date for June 27.

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