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Superior Crab is cracking down on those who leave without paying



Superior Crab: Photo by Keith Phillips

Superior Crab is cracking down on customers walking out of their restaurant without paying their bill.

“The first thing we’re going to do is press charges because they have to learn that they can’t do whatever they want, and now something like a $60 meal will cost them probably $500 to $800.00,” manager Allen Sandoval said.

Superior Crab went to social media on Thursday to display someone leaving the restaurant, offering their name, photo and vehicle identification stating they left without paying their bill. They also urged the public to let the person know that they left without paying, which got a huge internet response.

The incident in question occurred on Monday. Sandoval went into detail about a customer being upset over their food.

“The table was here for about an hour and a half and they were drinking and hanging out with their family. Then, the moment we brought the food, they started complaining about everything but we tried to take care of them,” Sandoval said. “I came to the table and tried to talk to the lady but she just started screaming and I couldn’t say anything then she just got up and left.”

VDN also spoke with the district manager Robert Silvera who said the restaurant will be pressing charges today (Tuesday).

“We don’t care about the money, but this is going on too much and sometimes people are even bragging on Facebook,” said Silvera. “So, we can’t let this happen and it’s difficult to have a business when people do this.”

Superior Crab opened its doors in Vicksburg in early November and received much positive feedback from the community since arriving. The restaurant is hoping that this incident is a wake-up call to those who leave without paying.

“Our family is trying to bring business to this city, jobs and opportunities but people don’t want to take care of it, and we’re trying but it is very difficult and instead of people taking care of good things in this town, they destroy it,” Sandoval said.

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